Advancing Digital Assets

Delos Digital Asset Management invests in the next generation
of businesses enabled by cryptography and the internet

About Us

Just as the internet redefined the past two decades of innovation, we believe that blockchain and digital
assets will create incredible advances for humanity and the greatest creation of wealth in modern history

Delos invests in the opportunities brought forth by
digital assets and the businesses of tomorrow
Translated from Greek, the word Delos means “apparent” or “unconcealed”

Our Investment Thesis

We Believe Crypto is a 20+ Year,
Multi-Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Digital Assets Belong in
All Investment Portfolio

Active Management is Necessary
to Capitalize on Inefficiencies

Permissionless Networks


Decentralized Apps and Services

Decentralized Apps
and Services

Web3 Building

Web3 Building


James Burkett,

Founder, Managing Partner

Kyle Laney

Managing Partner

Delos Digital Asset Management
325 North Saint Paul Street, Suite 3100
Dallas, TX 75201